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Couple happily build a second Kit home

Wayne and Julie Perry had built their first home nearly 10 years ago and didn’t hesitate to tackle the job a second time, successfully completing a larger house than before.

Wayne & Julie Perry: “We felt confident about doing it again.”

The couple, who live on the South Coast of New South Wales, initially built a three bedroom Hunter 3, but this time chose the Sandford 5.

“The first house was on a sloping block, with an elevated steel floor. This one we built on ground level – for our old age!” said Wayne, who works for Forests NSW. “We took on the project because we had done one before and felt confident about doing it again.

“We went to the Emu Plains head office. That was brilliant. We told them how we wanted the design changed and they arranged it for us,” he recalled.

“My father had helped us build our first home, but this one we managed ourselves – with trades help for the concrete slab, brickwork, Gyprock, and of course the plumbing and electricals.

“Whoever came to visit, we roped them in as well! It was a good, simple building experience.

“Paal gave us every assistance we needed during construction. A phone call to John would instantly fix any problem or concern. It was like talking to your best friend.”

The couple’s latest project is finished in brick veneer with a green Colorbond roof. “We love our new home. Other people like it too,” he said.