Completed kit homes and floor plans
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This time we are doing it all ourselves!

Mike and Sheena Williams, who are building their own Met-Kit home in Cowra, are enjoying the process and finding the kit to be very well made.

Williams family on new kit home under construction
Mike & Sheena Williams with their son Cameron.

“We’re very impressed with the construction of our new home. It’s beautifully engineered,” Mike said. 

The couple chose Met-Kit’s four-bedroom Mitchell design and amended it to suit their needs, extending the verandah around the house in the traditional country style.

Although Mike and Sheena had used tradespeople for some stages of previous home-building projects, they weren’t always happy with having to seek help. “This time we’re doing it all ourselves – apart from the licensed plumbing and electricals, of course,” said Mike, who is employed as an engineering officer.

The house is a long-term undertaking for the pair and their son Cameron, who are working on their new home mainly at weekends.

“The satisfaction of building it ourselves is the big thing, more important to us than the money we’ll save,” he said.

The home is in an isolated rural setting and won’t be reliant on grid power. Solar panels with storage batteries will fuel all their electricity needs.

Because it’s in a bushfire area, the cladding will be fire-resistant Hardiplank. Fire and termite resistant merbau hardwood has been chosen for the decking. Ember guard stainless steel mesh has been fitted in the guttering.

“The building process is going smoothly. If we have any questions at all during construction, we just put them to John Noye at Met-Kit. He’s fantastically helpful, and any query is met with knowledge and assistance.” Mike said.

Completed kit home with valley in background
4 Bed Mitchell with surrounding Verandah