Completed kit homes and floor plans
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Retirement... a good time to owner build

John and Fay Currie of Cooma didn't let retirement deter them from owner building their own home. Although both around 70, they approached the job with enthusiasm and got a lot of satisfaction from the project. 

John on step ladder measuring a wall frame with spirit level

"We looked at all types of homes, including relocatables, and chose a kit home because we knew we could easily build it ourselves and also save money," John said.

He and Fay erected the frame as a team. "The instruction manual was very good. As long as you follow it, you can't go wrong," he said.

"We are very pleased with ourselves and the ease with which everything has come together," Fay said. "We have had numerous visitors to the site, who are all very impressed, given that John is 71 and I am nearly 70."

John said: "We are loving the whole building process and have never been so alive. I was vegetating in our old house. Now I've lost nine kilograms and I'm feeling great. We can't wait to get into our new home."

John and Fay among the steel wall frames during construction

Would he recommend owner building to others? "Yes! Go for it."