Trucked north in a single trailer load

When Colin Cramp of Katherine, NT, was looking for a kit home, he was looking for one that could be economically trucked 5000km north on a single semi-trailer.

Colin on ladder working on kit home roof trusses

He also wanted a home that would stand up to rigours of one of the most demanding climates in Australia.

“Katherine has weather that is incredibly hard on timber framed homes. For six months of the year we have high temperatures and very dry air,” he said.

“For the other six months we have very high temperatures and very high humidity.

“Timber just can’t cope. It expands, contracts, bows, splits and cracks. It’s just not worth the risk, which is why I insisted on a steel framed home.

“And it’s well known that the Territory has a species of termite that is one of the most destructive in the world, which is another very good reason to shun timber,”

After investigating many different makes of kit homes, Colin chose a three-bedroom Met kit home with the design modified for the northern climate. “This house was the simplest to put together and the best packaged for long-distance transport.”

Kit home wall frames with windows installed