Completed kit homes and floor plans
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Couple plan to repeat enjoyable building project

Clive Fielding and his wife Lorraine enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment they got from constructing their kit home – and intend building another one.

“It was like a hobby. We had the project all scheduled out and tackled it systematically,” Clive said.

“Now that the house is finished, there’s a sense of achievement. I think it looks pretty good and Lorraine is over the moon with how it has turned out.”

Clive and Lorraine sipping tea on their verandah

The couple owner built their new kit home at Oberon in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, working on the project mainly at weekends.

They modified the three-bedroom Hunter 3 to have a verandah all around, cedar windows and a different roof line from the standard model.

Apart from the plumbing and electrical wiring that were required to be done by licensed contractors, Clive and Lorraine did all the building themselves – with some early help from a neighbour. They tackled the roof, the exterior cladding, interior gyprocking, and painting and finishing touches.

“The plans and manual were easy to follow and the back-up service was excellent.”

Their home completed, they’re now planning to enjoy “reverse weekends”, with most of the week spent on their six-and-a-half acres at Oberon and the weekends in Sydney.

Meanwhile Clive is in the process of buying an adjacent block of land on which he plans to build another kit home in the future as an investment.