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Met-Kit Homes – engineered for strength

The wall frames panels and roof trusses used in Met-Kit homes are the same high tensile frames as used in Paal kit homes. The same quality, proven and tested over 45 years and made in Australia from 100% Australian Bluescope steel.

These wall and roof truss panels have been tested for strength at the CSIRO testing facility for engineering and construction. The unique design of the 'H' section uprights gives overall superior strength to the finished house frame with a standard rating to N3 wind loading, with option to upgrade to C2 cyclonic rating.

Wall and roof trusses are factory assembled, ready to be bolted together. All holes, including provision for plumbing and electrical wiring are pre-punched for ease of construction. You simply start at one corner and fix one panel to the next, until complete, just follow the plan, you can't go wrong, anyone can build!

Steel frame roof truss undergoing CSIRO testing
Steel wall frame CSIRO testing
PAAL Steel frame H Section