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100% Australian Made Quality Steel Frames

Met-Kit kit homes, steel framed, self-build kit homes, designed for the owner builder


Met-Kit homes are a Paal Company and use the proven Paal framing system.

When it comes to creating your dream home, you need a supplier you can trust.


We have been manufacturing and supplying steel-framed kit homes for 50 years. Our business is family-owned and was founded right here in Australia. This means our kit homes are specifically designed for the Australian environment and landscape, and to suit genuine family needs

When it comes to owner building, Met-Kit gives you choice - you can either build it yourself or contract manage the building from start to finish. Either way we make it easy and you will save money in the process.

Over time, we have developed a trusted, quality system that makes assembling your home as straightforward and as easy as possible.....anyone can do it. Every Met-Kit kit home is individually prepared - with plans and instructions tailored to your specific requirements. Our kit homes are designed with maximum affordability, style and ease of construction in mind.

Today over five thousand Australian families are enjoying the benefits of building with us. So, you too can have confidence of building with Australia’s most trusted supplier of quality kit homes. Australia wide country kit homes, architect designed specifically for the Owner Builder.

In the interest of optimum quality control, we manufacture each house frame ‘from scratch’. We check it, load it on our trucks, together with the other materials, like roofing, windows etc, then deliver your kit home direct from our factory to your building site.

We regularly receive photos and testimonials from proud customers – who are thrilled with their