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Advantages of Steel Frame Kit Homes

26 July 2014

One of the first things people ask when they begin to research the possibilities for building kit homes in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and other parts of Australia, is why they should opt for a steel frame kit home as opposed to a contractor's spec home or a custom-built design?

In addition to being very affordable, steel frame kit homes offer many advantages to homeowners both during the building process and in years to come. Here are six advantages that kit homes made from steel have over other types of dwellings.

No Waste, No Additional Materials. When you have a home custom built, the contractor estimates how much of each material he or she will need to finish the job. If a contractor over-estimates, you can end up spending more than necessary, and in the case of an under-estimation, you may be asked to pay more to complete the jobs. Kit homes eliminate this problem, as they come with precisely the right amount of materials.

Weather-resistance. A well-designed steel frame home can withstand harsh conditions like high winds and heavy rains with ease.

Superior durability. Over time, timbers warp, split and become weak, which can lead to structural damage. Steel remains sturdy season after season, year after year, meaning less required maintenance over the long-term.

Fire safety. In areas prone to wildfires, steel kit homes offer protection against sudden blazes. Steel does not burn and can withstand high temperatures, making your home better able to survive an emergency.

Mould-resistance. When wood becomes wet, it holds onto moisture within its fibres and can remain damp for days or weeks. This invites mould and mildew to colonize on its surface and can lead to a build-up of dangerous fungus within the walls of traditional homes. Steel frame kit homes do not promote the growth of mould or mildew, making them superior in areas prone to flooding and for housing those with allergies or respiratory problems.

Insect-resistance. Termites, carpenter ants and other burrowing insects can infiltrate the frames of wood houses and rapidly breed. Often this occurs without homeowners realizing there's a problem until the activities of the pests have led to structural damage. Steel frame homes are impervious to insects and can help you avoid costly exterminator's bills.

If you have questions about the benefits of steel frame kit homes or would like more information about our kit home options, please contact a housing consultant at Met-Kit Homes today!