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Frequently Asked Questions

28 January 2022

Q. How does COVID-19 effect my build?
A. Please note that in the current Covid climate, builders are next to impossible to get a hold of. Some have an up to two year waiting list. Due to this, builders are also becoming more expensive. Please bear this in mind or consider building as an owner-builder/owner-manager instead.

Q. What is and isn't included in a Met-Kit home kit?
A. We include everything except the floor, floor coverings, shower screens, electric cable and plumbing pipes in walls, electrical switch box and topcoat paint. Full list of inclusions can be viewed on our website.

Q. How long does it take from placing an order to delivery?
A. Several months. After a deposit is paid and we have all the necessary information, we will need 30 days to draw up your council plans for you, once you have council approval, a delivery date can be set, needing a minimum of 6 weeks for manufacture.

Q. I've heard that banks won't talk to Owner Builders.
A. That is often the case, however we have a very competitive lender who is Owner Builder friendly, and may be able to assist you.

Q. I've heard that steel framed houses are noisy.
A. Some lesser quality steel frames can be noisy, especially those which are welded or screwed together. Met-Kit frames are riveted and bolted together in a specially engineered way which keeps any expansion or contraction local to each component, removing any accumulative movement, therefore it sits there more quietly than even a timber framed house.

Q. Why would I choose a steel frame over a timber frame?
A. Because steel frame components are all of a known quality without any defects such as curving or knots etc as found in timber. A steel frame will maintain its integrity indefinitely without any issues such as rot or corrosion or termite infestation (without chemical treatment). They are lighter yet stronger than timber, with no onsite cutting or drilling. Met-Kit steel frames are pre-punched with locating and service holes for electrical and plumbing, making our system very Owner Builder friendly.

Q. How long will it take me to build?
A. Depends on the individual owner builder or builder, the level of expertise and how many hours a day, and how many days a week you are prepared to put into the project. A good idea is to plan some leave to enable construction to lock-up stage as quickly as possible.

Q. Do you have builders who can do the job for me?
A. Depending on location, we do have a network of recommended builders we can put you in touch with, or we can offer suggestions on the best way to source local trades people with you becoming the 'Project manager'. We can give you estimates on what builders and trades charge, to help you budget.

Q. Do kit homes have to be built on a slab, or can they have a raised floor?
A. A slab is encouraged for thermal reasons, and is a cheaper option, however if you require a raised floor, there may be additional requirements to achieve a 6 Star Energy Rating. Met-Kit can help you to source a raised floor if this is required.

Q. Are Met-Kit kit homes 6 Star Energy Rated?
A. There are many things to be considered to achieve this rating, i.e. orientation, window size and placement, external colour scheme, subfloor type etc.. Our housing consultants can advise on the necessary requirements.

Q. Can we make changes to the design and how will that affect the cost?
A. Met-Kit designs are flexible and can be altered to suit your personal requirements...add verandahs, an alfresco area, garages, change roof style, it's up to you. Simply go to our online design changes page for all the options and instant costing.

Q. Where do you deliver and what is the charge?
A. We have an extensive delivery area throughout Australia, the charge is determined by the site location and size of the house.

Q. How does you payment structure work – do you require progress payments?
A. Yes, 5% initial deposit gets you started, securing contract price for 12 months, 10% progress payment due approximately six weeks prior to first delivery, (after Council approval) lock-up kit payment is due upon delivery of the lock-up materials and the balance due upon internals order.